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Oral Health

The use of saliva for oral health monitorization is an established practice and at SalivaTec we have analysed microbial pathogens and symbionts in saliva, but we have also looked at molecules which are produced in response to oral disease such as MMP9.

However, this is not the only aspect in which we have been working, the Dental doctors in our team have also been looking at oral health and integrating it as a stratification factor for biomarker discovery. The inclusion of Oral Health in individual characterization is essential especially when we are dealing with inflammatory markers, since many oral conditions elicit a strong immune response.

Biomarkers selected by their quantification to characterize each Periodontal Disease (PD) variant. The cells which produce the different proteins are identified. For each protein, the consequences of the modification in the functional role, inducing their up- or downregulation, within the host in inflammatory response.