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Community-Based Research

Community-Based Research

SalivaTec offers an opportunity for students from different education levels from High School to Doctoral candidates to be involved in research with and for the community. This is an opportunity for students from the local high schools as well as students from the Instituto de Ciências da Saúde-Viseu degrees to participate in applied research.

SalivaTec has been characterizing the population from the Viseu region both regarding the oral health status and other health determinants. Since 2016 we have been partners in the Actividade Senior Program from the Município de Viseu and have followed a group of participants over 55 years of age. These participants are monitored as to their salivary protein profiles (the SalivaPrint) which is related to other health determinants such as age, gender, oral and general health status, diet, and body mass index. The information collected is fundamental to characterize the population and determine health related interventions. Furthermore, the integration of different types of data (molecular and clinical) is essential to uncover new strategies for participant stratification which underlies the definition of personalized interventions and future study adjustments.

Our strategy applied to "Actividade Senior Program"

"Actividade Senior" collection sites.