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We use bioinformatics analysis for protein expression, protein-protein interaction and molecular networks data. These strategies allow the integration of   molecular, clinical, quality of life data.

This strategy is focused on in silico biomarker selection for experimental validation.

SalivaTec is open to establish collaborations with private and public companies and institutions operating in the areas of molecular biology, biochemistry, pharmaceutics or health in general.

Currently we are working on:

  • Oral microbiome, host health/dysbiosis;
  • Integration of clinical and molecular data;
  • Data Mining and computer applications for biomedical research.


Protein functions depend on Protein-Protein Interactions (PPIs) represented by complex networks. At SalivaTec we are interested in the PPIs established between the Host and the Microbiome and among the Microbiome community. There is an evident lack of bioinformatics tools to study inter-organism interactomes and SalivaTec has proposed OralInt as a predictor of inter-organism PPIs.

The most recent use of this algorithm allowed the prediction of the Human-ZikV interactome depicted in the figure.

Network of PPIs established between viral proteins (blue) and human proteins (orange). The size of the node denotes the degree (number of interactions established). Only PPIs with very high confidence (scores >= 0.9) are represented. Proteins are identified as an abbreviation of gene name.