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Scientific Publications

in silico Biomarker selection

  • Cruz I, Esteves E, Fernandes M, Rosa N, Correia MJ, Arrais JP, Barros M, SalivaPRINT Toolkit – Protein profile evaluation and phenotype stratification, Journal of Proteomics, 2017, ISSN 1874-3919,
  • Rosa N, Correia MJ, Arrais JP, Costa N, Oliveira JL, Barros M. (2014). The Landscape of Protein Biomarkers Proposed for Periodontal Disease: Markers with Functional Meaning. Biomed Res Int. 569632: 1 - 15. Review.

Standardization in Salivary Research

  • Rosa N, Marques J, Esteves E, Fernandes M, Mendes VM, Afonso A, Dias S, Polido-Pereira, J, Manadas B, Correia MJ, Barros M. (2016). Protein quality assessment on saliva samples for biobanking purposes. Biopreserv Biobank. 14(4):289-97.

Databases and Bioinformatics Tools

  • Fernandes M, Rosa N, Esteves E, Correia MJ, Arrais J, Ribeiro P, Vala H, Barros M. (2016) CanisOme - The protein signatures of Canis lupus familiaris diseases. J Proteomics. 16;136:193-201
  • Coelho ED, Arrais JP, Matos S, Pereira C, Rosa N, Amaral D, Correia MJ, Barros MT, Oliveira JL. (2014). Computational Prediction of the Human-Microbial Oral Interactome. BMC Systems Biology. 8:24
  • Arrais JP, Rosa N, Melo J, Coelho ED, Amaral D, Correia MJ, Barros MT, Oliveira JL. (2013). OralCard: a bioinformatic tool for the study of Oral Proteome. Archives of Oral Biology, 58 (7):762–72.
  • Rosa N, Correia MJ, Arrais JP, Lopes P, Melo J, Oliveira JL, Barros MT. (2012). From the salivary proteome to the OralOme: comprehensive molecular oral biology. Archives of Oral Biology, 57 (7): 853 - 864.
  • Melo J, Arrais JP, Lopes P, Rosa N, Correia MJ, Barros MT, Oliveira JL. (2012). Web information system for the study of oral health. In Proceedings of the International Conference on Health Informatics, pages 97-105.

Protein Characterization for Health Applications

  • Campos Lopes, P; Barros, M; Correia, MJ. (2012). Gingipains as a virulence factor in the oral cavity. Revista Portuguesa de Estomatologia e Medicina Dentária e Cirurgia Maxilofacial, Volume:53:240-5.
  • Sarmento AC, Lopes H, Oliveira CS, Vitorino R, Samyn B, Sergeant K, Debyser G, Van Beeumen J, Domingues P, Amado F, Pires E, Domingues MRM, Barros MT. (2009). Multiplicity of aspartic proteinases from Cynara cardunculus L. Planta: 230 (2), 429.
  • Duarte AS, Correia A, Duarte EP, Pires E, Barros MT. (2008). Cardosins improve neuronal regeneration after cell disruption: a comparative expression study. Cell Biology and Toxicology. 25, (2), 99.
  • Duarte AS, Rosa N, Correia A, Duarte EP, Pires E, Barros MT. (2007). Cardosins: a new and efficient plant enzymatic tool to dissociate neuronal cells for the establishment of cell cultures. Biotechnol Bioeng, Jul 1; 97(4): 991-6.
  • Sarmento AC, Oliveira CS, Duarte AS, Pires E, Barros M. (2006). Evaluation of cardosin A as a probe for limited proteolysis in non-aqueous environments – complex substrates hydrolysis. Enzyme and Microbial Technology. 38: 415-421.
  • Duarte AS, Pereira AO, Cabrita AM, Moir AJ, Pires EM, Barros M. (2005). The Characterisation of the Collagenolytic Activity of Cardosin A Demonstrates its Potential Application for Extracellular Matrix Degradative Processes.Current Drug Discovery Technologies. 2 (1): 37-44.
  • Pereira AO, Cartucho DJ, Duarte AS, Gil MH, Cabrita AM, Patrício JA, Barros M. (2005). Immobilization of Cardosin A in chitosan sponges as a novel implant for drug delivery. Current Drug Discovery Technologies. 2 (4): 231-238.

Computational Applications



2013 - SIMBIOSE, funded by Ciência Viva – FCT (7953.00 €).

2013 - SuStentare. This project won the national award Inova - Jovens Criativos, Empreendedores para o Século XXI, Concurso de Ideias, na categoria Criatividade and was presented to 11ª Edition of the award of Fundation Ilídio Pinho being funded in the first phase of the contest.

2014 - SalivaTec - CENTRO-07-CT62-FEDER-005004 (680 019.00€).

2015 - “ValBioTecCynara - Valorização económica do cardo (Cynara cardunculus): variabilidade natural e as suas aplicações biotecnológicas”, ALT20-03-0145-FEDER-000038, cofinanciado pelo Programa Operacional Regional do Alentejo (ALENTEJO 2020), com participação financeira FEDER (713 137.90 €).

2017 - “Molecular insight into Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)” coordinated by UCP was approved by Consortium Coordinated Research Infrastructures Building Enduring Life (Corbel).Projects

2017 - iCheese - Cynara Innovation for best Cheese (PDR2020-101-031002) (430 121.47€).

2017 - Influence of stress hydric in morphological and biochemical characteristics of cardoon (Cynara cardunculus L.). Referência: PROJ/CI&DETS/CGD/0001.

Student Mentoring

  • S. Sara - Oral microbiome and host health: is the Firmicutes / Bacteroidetes ratio an indicator of oral and systemic health?
  • A. Rafaela- OralOma da peri-implantite
  • M. Liliana - Impacto molecular das proteínas orais em cárie dentária
  • C. Igor - PPRINT: Prediction of Protein-Protein Interactions